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Animal Rescue League of Boston rescues three neonatal kittens in Fall River after mother severely wounded



Photo courtesy of Animal Rescue League Boston

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is currently caring for three neonatal kittens and their mother, this after recently being discovered in Fall River, by a concerned resident who noticed the mother cat was unable to care for the kittens due to severe wounds.

Community cats can be found in any city or town in Massachusetts, and it’s estimated that there are 700,000 community cats living throughout the Commonwealth, 70,000 in Boston alone.

ARL’s Field Services Department routinely works in the Fall River area, a region with countless community cats, and immediately responded when receiving the call about these three kittens.

Due to her wounds, the mom cat was unable to care for her kittens, which drastically increased the urgency.

At just 4-weeks-old, the kittens would’ve been in grave danger without intervention and care.

The kittens and the mom were trapped and transported to ARL’s Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center, where they immediately received veterinary care.

The mom cat, now named Kiki, was suffering from multiple puncture wounds, and was also underweight.

The kittens were suffering from upper respiratory infections and given medication to get the infections under control.

Due to their age, the kittens were placed into foster care so they could be constantly monitored.

Despite their harrowing early-life experience, the kittens are doing well and will be made available for adoption sometime in November.

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