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Animal Rescue League of Boston comes to Fall River to spay/neuter animals for free



Photo courtesy of Fall River Animal Control

On Monday, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s Spay Waggin’ once again came down to Fall River to spay/neuter nearly two dozen animals as part of an ongoing collaborative effort with ARL, the Massachusetts Animal Fund, and Fall River Animal Control.

It’s the third year in a row ARL has hosted the clinic in collaboration with MAF and Fall River Animal Control. The 22 surgeries were under the MAF voucher program, which distributes vouchers to qualifying low-income pet owners to cover the cost of the important procedure.

Due to high demand and Covid-19-restrictions, many clients have been on a waiting list for a number of months to have their pets spayed or neutered, and ARL is pleased to once again be providing this vital service that’s greatly needed in the Fall River Community.

“Fall River is already a struggling community, but since the pandemic, it seems as if getting spay/neuter services has proven to be even more difficult,” said Cynthia Beard, Fall River Animal Control Officer. “People contact us daily, asking for funds. Many are out of work and our homeless community is growing. We are stretching every dime and our veterinarians are donating time and services more than ever.”

Clients began arriving with their animals around 8:30 a.m. at the Fall River Fire Museum at 1181 North Main Street and will be picking up their animals in the afternoon following surgery and recovery time.

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