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Animal Rescue League files 28 criminal charges against local kennel owner



Today, the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Law Enforcement Department filed criminal charges at Wareham District Court, stemming from a September 24 operation where ARL, in conjunction with Middleboro Police and Animal Control Departments, seized 24 animals from a commercial kennel facility in the town.

Charges levied against Michael Perette of Middleboro, MA, include:

Five Felony Charges:

· MGL. Ch. 272/77/B: Animal Cruelty (1 donkey)

· MGL. Ch. 272/77/B: Animal Cruelty (4 birds)

· MGL. Ch. 272/77/B: Animal Cruelty (2 Caucasian Shepherd type dogs)

· MGL. Ch. 272/77/B: Animal Cruelty (2 Dodo Argentino type dogs)

· MGL. Ch. 272/77/B: Animal Cruelty (19 Cane Corso dogs)

Twenty-Three Misdemeanor Charges:

· MGL. Ch. 140/174E: Neglect and Abuse (for each dog within the rear kennel facility)

ARL and partnering municipal shelters continue to provide daily care for the 24 animals, primarily Cane Corso dogs, seized from Perette’s property in September. The majority of the animals were traumatized due to their surroundings, and remain under evaluation and are currently NOT available for adoption. ARL hopes to have a status update on the animals soon.

The animals were found living in poorly ventilated, unsanitary, cruel and dangerous conditions. They were transported to ARL’s Dedham, Boston and Brewster locations, as well as municipal facilities in Middleboro, Auburn, Mansfield, Norton, and Framingham.

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