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Amtrak announces bus service linking New Bedford, Fall River, and Worcester to Providence Station



Photo courtesy of Amtrak

PROVIDENCE – Amtrak has announced the launch of its latest connecting bus service, linking New Bedford and Worcester to Providence Station. Customers can connect to Amtrak trains at Providence Station serving the Northeast Corridor, including Boston, New Haven, New York and more, as well as more than 500 destinations nationwide.

“Amtrak’s latest connecting bus service will bring a brand-new link from New Bedford and close an existing gap in Worcester with convenient, timed connections between trains and buses to Providence and our national network,” said Amtrak Executive Vice President, Strategy and Planning Dennis Newman. “Customers can enjoy a comfortable journey from start to finish knowing Amtrak will get them to their final destination with ease.”

Schedules are optimized for connections on both weekdays and weekends, with a dedicated connecting bus available in the morning, afternoon and evening. All buses are ADA accessible and have modern amenities including electrical outlets, Wi-Fi and comfortable reclining seating. The Providence to New Bedford route will also include an intermediate stop in Fall River. Service will be operated by DATTCO under an agreement with Amtrak.

“DATTCO is pleased to have been selected for the launch of this important new regional service being introduced by Amtrak,” stated Dennis Lyons, Vice President of DATTCO’s Coach & Tour Group. “As a long-time bus partner of Amtrak in New England, we look forward to putting our more than 20 years of experience together to work in delivering connecting bus service between Central and South Coastal Massachusetts and Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor.”

Amtrak connecting bus services make coordinated connections with trains and enable passengers from cities without rail stations to connect with the national network.

Now until October 9, Providence customers can also take advantage of the station’s connecting service with RIDOT and the Seastreak Ferry.



  1. 10%ForTheBigGuy

    August 5, 2023 at 8:48 pm

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  2. Ken Masson, not a anonymous coward.

    August 6, 2023 at 10:31 am

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    Again what are you afraid of that you can’t post under your own name? I’m sure you know all your unproven idiocy is not popular amongst the majority in this well-educated state that you obviously don’t respect.

    • 10%FortheBigGuy

      August 6, 2023 at 12:03 pm

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  3. 10%FortheBigGuy

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