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$8,000 reward offered as local family looking for answers in dog’s death



A local dog was found dead in the woods and the family is looking for answers.

According to Taylor Henrique of Attleboro, their beloved Bo went missing on December 4th. He was found shot to death off of the power lines between West Hodges and Dean Streets in Norton on December 6th. A stick was also found in his throat.

Taylor, her husband, and their two young children are doing everything they can to bring their Bo justice.

The family themselves have offered $5,000 for information that leads to the apprehension of Bo’s killer. Others have donated $3,000 more bringing a total reward of $8,000 if someone can lead the family and police to the culprit.

Through the tragedy, Taylor has found a silver lining. “For the number of bad people in the world, there are even more amazing people. Truly blessed to have such amazing friends, neighbors, family, and people who we have never even met calling and helping out.”

If you have any information, contact Norton Police at (508) 285-3300.

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