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77-year-old Massachusetts woman falls victim to scam, loses $9,500 but it could have been worse



Hingham, MA – A Massachusetts resident fell victim to a scam last week and lost $9,500. After receiving that money, the scammers tried to gain an additional $5,000 but the resident became suspicious and called police.

According to Lt. Steven Dearth the 77-year-old woman received a call from a scammer who claimed to be her grandson. He said he had been in a car accident in which he struck a pregnant woman and he needed cash immediately to pay her hospital bills. He asked for $9,500 and pleaded with her not to tell his parents. The woman believed it was her grandson and withdrew the cash from a Hingham bank.

Once she had the cash, she received another call from a man who claimed to be a “federal agent who was monitoring her grandson’s case”. He said he would have an agent come to her home to pick up the money. He called her back a short time later with more specific instructions (the cash must be hidden in a bag and stapled shut). He gave a description of the type and color of the car and said it would be at her home soon. When the car arrived, the woman went to the car and gave it to the female driver.

The next day, the same “federal agent” called her and told her the woman had a miscarriage and that “lawyers are now involved”. An additional $5,000 would be needed to cover the additional medical expenses. The woman became suspicious and called a relative who told her to immediately call the police. While an Officer was at her home, the scammers continued to call. The resident agreed to tell the scammer she had withdrawn the $5,000. The scammer told one of his agents would be at her home shortly to pick up the money. The scammer described the type and color of the car that would be arriving.

Officers stayed nearby and an hour later the car arrived at the house. They confronted the driver and learned he had been hired through an ride share app to pick up a package at the house and drive it to an address out of state. At this time, it appears the driver was not knowingly involved in the scam and was released without being charged. This case remains under investigation by Hingham Detectives.

This is a very common scam that has been happening here and elsewhere for years. People continue to fall victim and lose money. The best way to prevent these scams from happening is by making seniors aware. Police are asking the public to share these details.

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