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6 year old Fall River student has foot run over by ride to school

Photo courtesy of AFSCME L-1202 Professional Paramedics of Fall River



A Fall River student was injured being dropped off to school on Friday.

According to Detective John Robinson, on Friday September 7th the Fall River Police Department School Resource Officer Daniel Mello was patrolling the Henry Lord Community School 151 Amity Street when an accident with injury was reported to him. During the course of his investigation, SRO Mello learned that a 6-year-old Henry Lord student’s foot was run over by the transportation vehicle dropping him off at the school.

The 38-year-old operator for Town Transportation stated to Officer Mello that she dropped off two children at the school and thought they were both clear of the vehicle. As she drove away, the right rear tire rolled over the child’s foot. The child was transported to St. Anne’s Hospital for evaluation and treatment. There were no other injuries reported to SRO Mello.

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