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2 arrested in Seekonk for stealing chickens



As Seekonk Police put it, two were arrested early this morning and expected of fowl play.

Recently, the Seekonk Police Department have had reports of several chickens and ducks being stolen from local farms. The suspects remained elusive, until last night.

Officer Thornhill was on patrol when he noticed a suspicious vehicle near a local farm around 1 a.m. When he encountered the male operator of the vehicle and his female counterpart, foul play was evident. Located within the vehicle were several chicken feathers strewn throughout. Then, much to his dismay, he observed a backpack in the rear seat that appeared to be moving on its own with no explanation. After a brief moment of observation, a feather poked through the opening of the backpack and eventually a whole chicken wing!! Officer Thornhill quickly jumped into action and freed 7 chickens from the back pack. Yes, 7.

The male and female were then taken into custody and face charges of larceny and animal cruelty. All of the chickens appeared to be unharmed and were returned to the rightful owner with great appreciation.

The suspects names have yet to be released.

Congratulations to Officer Thornhill on saving the animals!


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