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Terpenes and their importance



By Arianna Ceresi

There is so much more to cannabis than we realize. Yes, the cannabinoids of cannabis are essential but as consumers we often forget the effects terpenes have on our bodies and the journey they provide while consuming. Consuming cannabis is not always about the THC value. You could have a strain that’s 15% in value and hits a homerun, or you could get a strain that is 30% and feel nothing! Being in a dispensary and being able to speak with other consumers I’ve discovered the importance of terpenes. They go hand in hand with THC to allow us to receive the feelings we do. Terpenes also carry medicinal effects that are still being researched and discovered today. Terpenes are not just in cannabis! They are in everything! From shampoo, to soap, to medicines, to fruits and vegetables, creams, you name it a terpene might be in it!

Each terpene is unique in their own way, sometimes terpenes will share similar traits, but it’s all about what your body agrees and disagrees with! Have you ever been too anxious while consuming a certain strain and you have no clue why? Maybe there was a terpene in that strain your body just does not agree with! Some terpenes like Pinene in a majority of people cause anxiety, but in fewer people it helps relieve anxiety!!!

Below is a terp flower made to hopefully further explain how these natural chemicals affect your body!



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