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Massachusetts, New England overall, rank poorly for friendliness in new report



Are residents from Massachusetts that unwelcoming? A new report from travel website Big 7 says so.

Massachusetts came in at 47th place in the most friendly states ranking.

Their synopsis for Massachusetts could have been worse, but doesn’t exactly scream friendly.

“MA locals aren’t exactly rude, per se, but the overall indifference towards strangers can take its toll. Ignoring people isn’t exactly a trait that will put Massachusetts among the friendliest states in America.”

The website asked their social audience of 1.5 million people “what are the friendliest states in America?”

At least Massachusetts isn’t New York who came in dead last. A New England state didn’t make it into the top 30. Rhode Island came in at 41 while Connecticut ranked 38th. New Hampshire placed 44th. Vermont came in at 34th. Maine fared the best in New England at 31.

Minnesota claimed the top spot with Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming rounding out the top 5.

For the full report, click here.

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