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MA man charged for previous attempted murder of police officer, arrested for stabbing social worker



Photo courtesy of Fall River Police

A Massachusetts man with a violent history, including attempting to kill a police officer, has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his social worker.

According to Holyoke Police, on Friday, at 4:30 p.m., the Holyoke Police Department responded to the area of Ivy Ave. and Dwight Street for the report of a stabbing. As Officers arrived on scene, Holyoke Dispatch reported the suspect, later identified as 50-year-old Alfredo Rivera of Holyoke, had fled from the area. Officer Matthew Goulding and Officer John McCoy were first on scene; they immediately found the victim profusely bleeding from his upper body and began medical care. Holyoke residents were applying first aid measures prior to the arrival of Holyoke Officers.

Police stated that the victim, a social worker, had been viciously stabbed multiple times in the chest area. As the Clinician was profusely bleeding, he stated to the Officers on scene that his client is violent and “..he is too dangerous, he tried to kill a cop…be careful”

The victim stated Rivera had “jumped” into the rear of his (the victim’s) vehicle and stated, “Are you ready to die?”. Rivera immediately attacked the victim with a knife, plunging the knife multiple times into the victim’s upper body.

The victim was transported to Bay State Medical, as of late last night the victim is in stable condition.

Rivera barricaded himself in his apartment at 9 Ivy Ave. after the alleged stabbing. As more Officers and Detectives arrived to secure the area, Sgt. Daniel Reardon took command of the scene. The front and rear entrances to Rivera’s apartment were secured by Holyoke Police Officers. Holyoke residents were moved to safe areas due to the previous violent actions of Rivera. Sgt. Reardon used a cruiser’s loudspeaker system to communicate with barricaded suspect Rivera but to no avail. Rivera refused all attempts to communicate with Sgt. Reardon.

The decision to force an entry was made and Holyoke Police Officers (Sgt. Reardon, Det. Everett, Det. Seidel, Det. Hamel and Officer P. Donze) made entry. As the Officers made entry, Rivera rushed the Officers with 2 knives over his head. Less Lethal force was immediately used against Rivera and he was knocked to the floor. Rivera began to stab himself multiple times. Officers disarmed the knives from Rivera to stop Rivera from stabbing himself. Rivera was then secured. Officers applied a tourniquet to Rivera for a self-inflicted wound. The suspect was transported to the hospital. Several Officers were exposed to Rivera’s blood during the encounter.

Sgt. Reardon directed Officers at 9 Ivy to contact all residents of the block to ensure their safety and that the suspect was in Police custody.

In 2007 Alfredo Rivera was arrested and prosecuted for the attempted murder of Holyoke Police Officer Wilfredo Guzman. Rivera wielding a machete, struck Ofc. Guzman in the face while Ofc. Guzman was sitting in his patrol vehicle. Rivera has a violent history dating back to 1990.

Rivera was charged with Attempted Murder, A&B Dangerous Weapon-Serious Bodily Injury, Armed Assault to Murder (4 counts), Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct.

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1 Comment

  1. douglas N harris

    July 5, 2021 at 7:15 pm

    why is this s*** stain still breathing?

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