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Letter: Resident concerned bill will add 3 cent tax to gallon of fuel in Massachusetts



Rep. Silvia:

I would like to express my concern that H 3039 would get your support or the support of any member of the Fall River delegation.

An additional 3 cent tax per gallon on fuel would be burdensome on many Fall River residents with inflation at the point it is at and is expected to increase.

The bill appears to have been proposed by Representative in high tourism districts and while those communities may be able to afford it.

Fall River is not so lucky.

I am aware that the 3 cent per gallon will benefit the city revenue stream but at what cost?

Please do not support H. 3039

CJ Ferry



  1. David

    June 15, 2022 at 10:37 am

    CJ ferry:
    You can rest assured that the democrat political leadership here in Bristol County and throughout the United States could care less about the cost of gasoline and would add a $30 gallon tax if they could get away with it. Crushing what’s left of the middle and lower working class with the most regressive tax in the American economy the (price of a gallon of gasoline) It all funds the green agenda wealth transfer from the lower and middle class to the political, corporate, and academic elite class; that is the ruling class that funds Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Maura Healy to lie to you about supporting working families while pushing through corrupt green agenda legislation that destroys small and medium businesses. That hate you because of who you are …. and the demographic that you are not. That will never change.

  2. News Junky

    June 16, 2022 at 9:25 am

    Oh wow a whole three cents a gallon! Think of all the money Americans could be saving now If Republicans in Congress had passed the oil company windfall profit tax. When was the last time Republicans carried about the working class. Probably not since the 1950s.

    Record oil company profits.

    9,000 drilling leases not being utilized that Biden would like Congress to force them to use.

    Record low refining capacity.

    Multiple huge oil company mergers over the years causing monopoly conditions.

    Energy is worldwide commodity that governments don’t have a lot of power to control.

    The excel pipeline was going to pipe dirty tar sands Canadian oil that no refinery in this country can process. Most of that oil was going to go to China with no benefit to the United States.

    • MortisMaximus

      June 17, 2022 at 5:26 am

      Stop defending the lies of the fake JoeBama administration. Why can’t you just tell the truth? This is about the destruction of America and the once thriving middle class! Either you are ignorant to the truth or you are complicit in the destruction of America!

      • Antifa.

        June 21, 2022 at 11:32 am

        No you fear it’s the destruction of the middle class but you vote for the destruction of the middle class when you vote for the party of the rich, corporations and fascist. The Trumpublican Party!

        Too bad you’re so stupid you shoot yourself in the foot! Keep on listening to that extremist fox propaganda. You’re afraid of communism and socialism which will never happen in this country but you’re allowing fascism to flourish and supporting it. If you supported the interaction then you also hate democracy.


        • MortisMaximus

          June 22, 2022 at 9:17 am

          You’re a complete idiot! Bidens own words are now FOX Propaganda! You don’t even attempt to cover up your stupidity and lies. I don’t watch FOX I watch CNN and MSDNC. You are the stupidest person I have ever encountered in my entire life. Antifa are nothing but a bunch of pussies who spend 95% of their time eating TV dinners and Ramen noodles in their parents basement. Antifa are the kids whose parents never told them no. Your idiotic comments about my supposed fears are comical. You have no clue who and what I vote for, just more of your lies. You vote so that you may become more enslaved, probably a product of you manic depression since you are a failure at life. Cradle to Grave care is what you crave as you find comfort in being marginalized, certainly due to your atheism. But hey to each his own! Would be an incredible day if you ever spoke on facts and left your rhetorical fantasy out of the talk. I hold out hope that a miracle may one day occur and you may see the ridiculousness of your warped thinking! NOT!🤡💩👹

          Here it is again, Joe Bidens own words. You’re probably afraid to watch as your idiotic world view collapses. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

        • MitzySkritzy

          June 22, 2022 at 11:39 am

          Who’s running the country? Executive and legislative branches run by democrats. Party of the rich, name one poor national Democrat. All Democrat progressive talking points are 100% lies. Red Tsunami is about to drown the demonrat party. Time to stop selling out Americans for some CCP money.

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