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Investigation finds officer did not hit victim in moped crash that critically injured man



Attorney General Peter Neronha and RI State Police announced this afternoon that according to an investigation, a Providence officer did not hit a moped driven by a man who was injured.

The October 18th crash, that occurred at approximately 6 p.m. on Elmwood Avenue near Bissell Street in Providence, critically injured 24-year-old Jhamal Gonsalves after a police chase.

According to information obtained by a RI Collision Reconstruction Unit report, it was determined by authorities that Officer Endres did not hit Gonsalves. It was uncovered that lack of damage to the front of the cruiser and the back of the moped was a large determining factor in the decision. Pre-crash cruiser data was also used. Red paint on the back of Gonsalves helmet also matched the stop sign that was struck by the cruiser. The investigation determined that the officer hit the stop sign and never struck Gonsalves directly before he hit a wall.

Neronha described erratic driving done by Gonsalves and a group of moped/motorcycle riders. He also stated that the cruiser black box evidence revealed that Officer Endres was slowing down and braking before impact and not accelerating to hit Gonsalves.

Officer Endes will not be charged in the case as Neronha stated the evidence does not support a reckless driving charge.

“Error in judgement is not a crime.”

Neronha stated how the incident is a tragedy and heartbreaking. He also thanked the Gonsalves family.

Multiple videos released by authorities showed a police cruiser closely following Gonsalves before taking a right turn and then crashing which led to Gonsalves being thrown from the moped.

The United States Attorney’s Office issues a statement today concerning the investigation into the crash:

“This office has reviewed all of the evidence, interviews, and statements collected and cooperatively shared by the Attorney General’s Office to determine if there is evidence of a federal criminal civil rights violation. The review determined that evidence did not constitute a federal criminal offense; and that there is insufficient evidence to obtain and sustain a federal conviction.”

Protests occurred after the crash demanding justice for Gonsalves.

It is unclear as of yet if Endres will be disciplined by the Providence Police Department.

Providence police officer suspended 2 days concerning Gonsalves moped crash, others disciplined

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