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Family offering $2,000 for possibly stolen pet that needs medication



A local woman and her family are desperately wanting their lovable dog home and are reaching out for the public’s help.

Amanda Hook is hoping you can bring a piece of her family home and is putting up a sizeable amount of money to make sure that becomes a reality.

“I live in Portsmouth RI and our dog has been missing since February 27th from our yard. She is a 3-year-old Shiba Inu named Miko.

“She is so loved by her family, our neighborhood and everyone who meets her. She loves being outside and therefore the entire neighborhood knows her.

“We believe our dog was possibly stolen since there are no signs of an animal attack and ZERO sightings of her here on Aquidneck Island. We have been diligent about flyers and social media posts ZERO sightings have come out of it. We’ve posted on all lost pet sites in RI, MA and CT. We contacted all shelters and vets all around. We’ve even hired a dog tracker with no luck. It makes no sense, someone must have her and keeping her for their own. Maybe a neighbor would notice that there is a dog that looks like her now in the neighborhood.

“We are offering a $2000 reward with no questions asked! She needs her heart medicine. We are so heartbroken.”

If you have possibly seen Miko, contact Amanda at

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