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Fall River’s Forever Paws Pet of the Week is full of cuteness, energy, and smarts



Fall River’s Forever Paws Pet of the Week is definitely full of cuteness and energy.

Say hello to Sesame!

Sesame is so cute and on top of that, this guy spins in circles when he gets excited. HE. SPINS. IN. CIRCLES.

Forever Paws is not sure what his breed is. Chihuahua/corgi? Chihuahua/papillon? It’s a mystery. All they know is that he’s about 10lbs of adorable and is always excited. He’s fantastic with other dogs and recognizes boundaries pretty easily and is quick to accept them. Cats, however, is a big no.

Sesame does tend to be a little bit nippy. FP thinks he was taught that hands were toys as a puppy and he’s going to have to be trained out of it. He’s not aggressive at all, but he will mouth at fingers, so they don’t want to place him with young children either.

He needs someone quick on their feet because he tends to be all up underfoot, spinning in circles, running around your feet, basically being an insurance liability. Typical puppy behavior even though FP thinks he’s about two years old.

He’s also an aspiring Houdini. This guy is smart and he’s crafty and you can see the little wheels turning in his head when he’s sizing up gates and fences to see if he can fit through/under/make it over. Fenced in yards are a MUST for this guy.

He doesn’t understand toys. He’s afraid of plushies. He’s going to need a little help with that as well.

To reiterate, no cats, no small children, fenced in yards necessary.

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