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Fall River Police Chief orders dog who bit child to be euthanized



A ruling has been made concerning a dangerous dog hearing that took place earlier this month.

On Monday, June 10th, a hearing was held pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Section 157. The complainant, Animal Control Supervisor Cynthia Berard-Cadima, requested the hearing regarding the dog Diamond, who bit a child in the head and leg on May 20th, 2019.

Chief Albert F. Dupere believes the dog involved to be dangerous and has ordered this animal to be humanely euthanized based on facts presented by witness testimony and submitted documents. The safety of the citizens of the City of Fall River far outweigh any considerations according to Dupere.

The dog owners have a right to appeal under Chapter 140 Section 157 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

According to Detective John Robinson, a young girl was bitten by a pit bull on May 20th after her father, a 21-year-old Fall River resident, opened the screen door to his apartment on North Underwood Street to let the dog inside. As the door was opened, the girl fell out, but was caught by the father. The dog then latched on to her head. A concerned citizen who lives on Stewart Street noticed the incident and rushed over to help. After the dog’s mouth was pried from the child’s head, the dog latched onto the child’s leg. The dog was struck and choked until it relented.

The child was transported to a local hospital then was later transported to a Rhode Island hospital.

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