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Fall River man creates special memory for Durfee student at Senior Prom



Photos courtesy of Denise Ponte

It was a special night for many local seniors Friday as schools such as Diman and Durfee celebrated their Senior Proms. A night that many of these teens will never forget. Especially Gigi Raposo.

Gigi, a senior at Durfee who suffers from cerebral palsy, wanted to attend her Senior Prom just like her classmates. Tim Ponte wanted to make sure that her dream became a reality.

Tim’s mother Denise helped take care of and educate Gigi from first to eighth grade. Although Denise no longer holds that role, the two still have a special bond to this day.  Because of this, Tim and the rest of the family were very familiar with Gigi. When it came time for Senior Prom, Denise had become aware of how much Gigi wanted to attend. The Pontes got together and Tim offered to take Gigi and make it an experience she, and both families, could remember forever.

Despite graduating from Durfee a few years ago, Tim escorted Gigi with a corsage and all. Tim was rather humble about his role in the special night. “I just wanted to give back to someone and give Gigi a great time like any other girl would have. My mother deserves a lot of the credit.”

Denise was just as humble as her son Tim and echoed his motives on the night. “We weren’t looking for any publicity. We just wanted to make her night special. Her eyes were wide even to the end of the night. Her expression was like wow I just did that!”

It was a proud and emotional moment for brother Cliff.

“My brother Tim graduated from Durfee a few years ago, but tonight he was the date of a High School Senior who has Cerebral Palsy. A beautiful young woman who was so proud to have a date tonight for her Senior Prom. As I stood taking pictures of them, it was hard not to get a little emotional. I have to say, I’m proud of my brother for taking time out of his busy life to create a memory for a girl and her family – a memory that will never be forgotten for the rest of her & her families life. I’m proud of my parents Denise and Clifford for instilling the values in us both that life isn’t just about ourselves. It’s about doing things for others and doing the “right” thing and helping others. Proud today and everyday of my entire family.”

Cliff isn’t the only one that should be proud of his family. All of us should hold a little pride as well.


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