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Fall River man arrested on possession of crack cocaine



A Fall River man was arrested on a charge of Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Controlled substance (Crack Cocaine).

On December 6th, 2017 at approximately 6:00 pm, Officers of the Fall River Police Departments Special Operations Divisions Impact Task Force were patrolling the Flint Neighborhood in the area of Pleasant when they observed three people in a vehicle with its left turn signal activated while turning right. Officers Brandon Stukus and Paul McGuire followed the vehicle and observed the vehicle pull over to the curb on Pleasant Street. They observed a female approach the vehicle and attempt to enter the rear passenger seat.

These officers exited their cruiser and asked the female to step away from the vehicle as they approached the operator and conducted a motor vehicle stop. The officers asked that the passengers keep their hands visible. One of the passengers didn’t keep his hands visible.

This passenger (identified as Jeremy Rodriguez age 22) was removed from the car while stating he only had weed on him. Officer Stukus performed a ‘Pat Frisk’ for weapons but when he reached the area where Mr. Rodriguez said he had weed, Officer Stukus felt a bag that he immediately knew wasn’t a weapon but wasn’t weed either. The bag didn’t feel soft like marijuana packaging. The bag felt like it contained several small rocks consistent with a street-level packing of crack cocaine. When he removed the bag he discovered 6 small bags of crack cocaine.

Jeremy Rodriguez age 22 of Fall River was taken into custody on a charge of Possession with intent to Distribute a Class B Controlled substance (Crack Cocaine).

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