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Fall River Community Outreach Meeting scheduled for new marijuana establishment



A company that is scheduled to have a marijuana facility in the city will be holding a meeting top discuss their plans with the community.

Hope Heal Health Inc will be holding the meeting on December 18th, 2018 to discuss the proposed adult use marijuana establishment at their location at 1 West Street in Fall River. The meeting will be held at the same address.

The Warren, Rhode Island based company has been remodeling the third floor of the 50,000 square feet inside the former Border City Mills complex to grow, process, and dispense marijuana. The facility was expected to be open in the summer, but that timetable was not set in stone.

The company, owned by John Rogue, is looking to cover several topics concerning their facility including:

1. The type(s) of adult-use marijuana establishment(s) to be located at the location.
2. Plans for keeping the facility secure.
3. Plans to prevent diversion to minors.
4. How they will positively impact the community
5. Plans to ensure that the establishment wont be a nuisance to the community.

Company representatives will be on hand to answer any questions people of the community have regarding the facility and its operations.

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