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Diman student creates first ever official logo for the school



Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School has a brand new logo and they have a student to thank for it.

The school released a statement on the selection of the new artwork for the school.

“It is an honor to present Diman’s new logo created by Peter Mayers, a senior in Graphic Communications. The Graphic Communications Program is crafted to bring students through the process of design creation, from concept to final production. Students are provided with the skills to develop visual designs using the latest software and to produce those designs on industry-standard technology. The Diman crest will live on, however, an official logo has never existed.”

“We owe the prestigious history and tradition of Diman Regional to be represented in a logo that is dynamic, relevant, and strikes a balance between legacy and innovation. This rebranding effort, spearheaded by Peter Mayers, shows the creativity and passion of our students.”

Mayers talked about his process into creating the logo.

“I wanted to design something that will represent Diman for years to come; that is different and will stand out from other schools. This logo is energetic and active. Its focuses on inspiring motivation, courage, and passion. This design will be used for athletics and serve as the official logo/mascot for Diman”.

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