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Another raccoon tests positive for rabies



A warning is being issued by Westport’s Animal Control Officer concerning an animal found with rabies.

A raccoon tested positive for rabies on Division Road. This isn’t the first rabid animal found in Westport this year as several others, including a raccoon in the vicinity of
Route 88 and the Horseneck Beach State Campground, also tested positive.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Please do not leave pet food outside overnight.
2. Be sure your trash lids are secure.
3. Do not encourage them to come around by providing a food source for them.
4. Please be sure your pets are vaccinated for rabies.
5. The wildlife is beautiful but admire them from a distance for your protection and the protection of your pets.

If you see a wild animal that is displaying signs of aggression or is lethargic, please contact Animal control at 774-264-5129, the selectmen’s office at 508-636-1003 or the police department at 508-636-1122.

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