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According to mother, blind child left on bus alone for an hour in Somerset



A disabled boy being left on a bus in Somerset has left a local mother upset and considering legal action.

Rana Lucich is furious after her 5 year old disabled son Tristan was left on a van Monday for over an hour as he sat by himself in the Fisher Bus parking lot in Somerset.

According to Lucich, the van driver forgot to drop her son off at his daycare. Lucich filed a report with the Somerset police.

“Thank God that it was not June and that my son’s daycare is VERY attentive. If they had not been, it would have been hours before it was noticed and the outcome could have been very different. As a mother I can’t stop thinking of the worse possible things that could have happened to him.”

Lucich’s son is legally blind which left her concerned that he could have gotten out of the van and walked into traffic.

“I feel the driver should absolutely have to pay for this through the courts. This is absolutely completely unacceptable.”

According to Lucich, Tristan’s assistant director called her about 20 minutes after he was supposed to be brought back to daycare, concerned that he wasn’t back yet. She also tried calling the school and bus company. Eventually it was discovered that Tristan was still in the van.

“I can’t even express how grateful I am for Tristan’s daycare. The fact that they are so attentive possibly saved his life today.”

The driver has been reportedly fired from Fisher Bus Inc. according to Lucich.

We contacted Fisher Bus Inc. and they refused to comment.

We contacted Somerset police and as of this writing, we have not heard back.

In an update, the driver from Fall River has been cited. Click here for details.

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