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Woman looking to solve mystery of serviceman tied to Fall River



A woman is looking for the family of a serviceman tied to Fall River.

This photo was purchased by Krista at an antique shop in Franklin, Tennessee. She was told the photo looks to be from the 1950s-1960s era, due to the uniform, which indicates he was an E3 Airman First Class, with possibly a Korean Service Medal.

The back of the photo states “For duplicates use the number on the front or the back of this photo Cherry and Webb, Fall River Mass”
The front of the photo is signed with the following:

“Peggy”- Valerie
Deborah- “Chick”
Bruce- “Punkie and Bruce”

Krista is looking for any help in hopes of finding out who the man is and his family.

“He is our ‘Great Uncle Frank’ as we have been calling him for the last two years while trying to find his family. His picture hangs at our home in a frame, celebrating his memory and service until we can reunite him with family members.”

If you have any information, contact Fall River Reporter.

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