While temps aren’t always co-operating, skating returns to Fall River’s Kennedy Park



Photo courtesy of City of Fall River

While city residents have stated on social media their wanting of an outside skating/tubing entity in Fall River, thanks to the Parks Department, the city once again has the next best thing.

Kennedy Park rink is once again ready for free skating when weather permits.

According to Nancy Smith, who was responsible for filling the rink, ice skating has been taking place at the park for over 50 years.

Smith had the pond flooded last week when temperatures dropped, allowing skating for a short time until temps increased and changed the ice back to water.

“The ice freezing is completely dependent on the weather, so the initial flooding of the pond requires that temperatures stay below freezing both day & night for a minimum of about 5 days. After today, the forecast looks as though temperatures are going to stay colder so hopefully it will freeze.”

While I am not one that enjoys a cold climate, there is something about families gliding and enjoying a good skate outside in Fall River that warms the heart and hopefully not the temperatures.

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