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Westport Police arrest 3 from Fall River on multiple drug charges



Three Fall River residents were arrested on multiple drug charges in Westport on Thursday, two of which had active warrants.

According to Sergeant Robert Rebello, at approximately 2:30 a.m., Officer Jarrod Levesque encountered two individuals at Towne Place Suites located at 41 Old Bedford Road when he observed a SUV parked in the lot occupying two spots with an illuminated interior light. As he approached the vehicle, a female, later identified as 28-year-old Alysa Bruno of Lindsey Street, Fall River, was in the back seat of the SUV and yelled out “Police!” A male, later identified as 32-year-old Jonathan Teixeira of Apple Creek Lane, Fall River, jumped up from the front passenger seat while reaching beneath the seat. Jonathan told Officer Levesque he had startled him and both individuals quickly made their way into Towne Place Suites where the door was opened by another female.

Through his investigation, Officer Levesque identified the female who opened the door as 36-year-old Sonja Matson of Montaup Street, Fall River. Matson had two active warrants for her arrest, according to police. Officer Levesque inquired about the room where Matson was staying then called for backup. Officers Jeremy Dellecese and Corey Mack along with Sergeant Robert Rebello joined Officer Levesque as they made their way to room 324. Officer Levesque knocked on the door and it was opened by Teixeira.

Officer Levesque asked to speak with Matson and Teixeira invited the officers into the room. Bruno was sitting on the floor beside the bed and Matson was found to be hiding in the bathroom. Matson stated the warrants had been taken care of and provided officers with paperwork. According to police, the paperwork was not valid. While reviewing the paperwork, officers observed in plain view a crack pipe on the floor beside Bruno with an empty packet of drugs. On the desk, officers also observed additional drug paraphernalia, along with suspected fentanyl, in a spoon ready to be injected along with a syringe.

When questioned about the drugs, none of the occupants of the room stated the drugs belonged to them. After a search, additional drugs were located in the room and all occupants were placed under arrest. Officer Holly Brett of the Fall River Police Department arrived on scene to search the females prior to their transport to the Westport Police Department. During the search of Matson, an additional 65 bags of suspected fentanyl were located.

During booking, it was discovered Teixeira had given officers his brother’s name and date of birth. He had utilized the false name because he had three active warrants for his arrest in Massachusetts along with one additional warrant from Rhode Island.

According to Rebello, 317 bags were seized when Teixeira was transported to Fall River Justice Center where it was excreted from his person.

Matson was charged with Possession Class A Drug, Possession Class B Drug, Possession Class C Drug, Possession Class E Drug, Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law, and Two Warrants.

Bruno was arrested for Possession Class A Drug, Possession Class B Drug, Possession Class C Drug, Possession Class E Drug, and Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law.

Teixeira was charged with Possession Class A Drug Subsequent Offense, Possession Class B Drug, Possession Class C Drug, Possession Class E Drug, Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law, False Information to Law Enforcement, Fugitive From Justice, Three MA Warrants, and One RI Warrant.

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