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Veterans Association of Bristol County issues statement concerning allegations



The Veterans Association of Bristol County Board has issued a statement concerning allegations against the Association and in particular new Executive Director, Delight Bucko.

Recently, individuals associated with the Veterans Center have accused Bucko of lying about her involvement in events and meetings concerning the Center. The Board is stating that they have proof that the allegations are false and are standing behind Bucko.

The statement is as follows:

In recent days there has been significant changes in leadership and management at the Veterans Association of Bristol County Center. As expected, certain individuals associated with the center as a former Board Member and/or former volunteer, have been resistant to and opposed to these changes. The Board of Directors feel the changes made, including the appointment of Delight Bucko as Executive Director, as the most positive change that has occurred here in decades.

Motivation for change was to improve and expand on our mission responsibility to improve services to all of our Veterans and to meet all of their many needs. To the extent that any person has concerns or questions, these should be addressed to the Board through our Executive Director, Delight Bucko, who can be reached at (508) 679-9277.

Thank you all for your continued interest, support, and generosity towards our Veterans.

*Paul Messier, President of the VABC -Sr. Chief, USN
*James Clarkin, Vice President of the VABC -Esq., Vietnam Veteran, USAF
*Jack Sbrega, Vietnam Veteran, USAF Pilot, Past President Bristol Community College
*Adrienne Levesque, LMHC, Wife of Vietnam Veteran, Board Clerk
*Dennis Almeida, Vietnam Veteran, USMC
*Kathleen Splinter, RN, Vietnam Veteran, Army Nurse Corps
*Kim Anne Wagner, Administrative Assistant VFW 5392 Auxiliary Life Member
*Stephen Perry, Assistant Director- Specialist, United States Army, Sgt. Department of Corrections
*Delight Bucko -Executive Director -Saint Michael’s College Alumni, BA: American Studies & Elementary Education Alumni of the Student Veterans of America Association at SMC

Messier replaced long time President Doc Ramsay earlier this year, while Bucko replaced Trott Lee.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. michael k cottle

    October 2, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    they dint want people to know the truth.. they kick people who disagree with them and speak the truth. they even called the police on me for a non legal reason to stop me from spreading the truth on my facebook page….

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