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Swansea Mall set to close



Swansea Mall owners have announced they are closing the mall.

A statement from Swansea Selectmen Christopher Carreiro is as follows:

“I am sad to report that I received a telephone call this afternoon from the President of Carlyle Partners, the owner of the Swansea Mall, and was informed that the Swansea Mall will be closing by March 31, 2019. I am confident that the Swansea Mall will be redeveloped and that the Town of Swansea will play a significant role in its redevelopment. I look forward to working with my colleagues, commercial real estate developers, Wal-Mart, and all stakeholders to bring the Swansea Mall property back to life. For more information follow Walmart Restrictions or”

Carreiro also stated to Fall River Reporter that he hopes that the Mall owners will relocate the remaining tenants to units with outside access (i.e. Sears).

Carreiro, recently made a presentation to Swansea Officials and the Board of Selectmen to try and save the Mall. “Wal-Mart’s restrictions imposed on the Swansea Mall in 2012 are oppressive, contrary to public policy, and have made comprehensive redevelopment of the Swansea Mall impossible. These restrictions must be extinguished by eminent domain so that the highest and best use of the Swansea Mall can be realized.”

It was announced that the Swansea Mall is losing it’s last flagship store, Macy’s, while many other stores such as Yankee Candle, The Shoe Dept, Payless, Hannoush Jewelers, and Kay Jewelers have announced that they are moving, have closed, or are in the process of closing.

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