Suspended Fall River sports pub set to re-open after changes approved by Licensing Board



A Fall River sports pub that received a suspension from the Licensing Board late last month will re-open.

According to a report handed to the Board and discussed late last month, at least 10 calls of service had taken place at Mickey Doyle’s at 380 Rhode Island Avenue in a 60-day period, with at least 21 calls since the beginning of the year. Calls ranged from a stabbing to assault and battery, to unruly patrons, and overdoses.

Multiple Fall River police officers gave testimony at the July meeting stating that there were several issues with the establishment including attempting to cover for a male suspect in the assault and battery of a female that had her jaw broken in three places. Officers also stated that personnel have not fully co-operated with police and that the parking lot area is out of control with highly overserved patrons. Other concerns expressed by PD were hand to hand drug activity which in some instances involved a bouncer at the establishment, gang members present at the pub, and patrons coming out of the business after hours.

Owner Brian Andree disputed that he had not co-operated with FRPD. He stated that the establishment’s camera system no longer works, and it has not been fixed with the business struggling but he is in the process of buying a new system. Andree admitted that the open parking lot is both a blessing and a curse and that police details are needed. He went on to say that he did not know the incidents taking place involving the bouncer and once it was brought to his attention, he was fired.

Andree stated one of the biggest issues is other city bars close at 9-10:00 p.m. which leaves many residents to filter to Mickey Doyle’s. He stated he does not condone violence and has never been involved with drugs.

On Thursday at the August meeting, the Licensing Board approved a plan that was created by Andree to address the issues.

Andree’s plan includes having last call an hour earlier, repairing and upgrading security cameras, and stressing with employees a renewed line of communication with Fall River Police.

Andree stated he is a fan of the cameras, and they will be covering the whole front parking lot and the back parking lot.

Mickey Doyle’s must have the functioning cameras approved by October 1st or face being called back in front of the Licensing Board.

The Board approved a re-opening of the sports bar on September 1st.

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