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Southeastern Massachusetts roadway ranked one of the most haunted roads in the northeast



Halloween is one of the country’s most popular holidays. Some like to celebrate by trick-or-treating, holding a party, or venturing to a scary haunted house.

How about spending time with a ghost?

AAA has released their short list of “The Most Haunted Roads in the Northeast” and a local road made the cut.

Route 44 in Rehoboth was on their list of 7 once again this year and this is what they had to say about the stretch of highway.

“Some have called the Massachusetts section of Route 44 the most haunted road in the country. Local lore says the highway is home to a 6-foot-tall phantom hitchhiker who wears a red flannel shirt and work boots. The detailed description is important because it supposedly matches that of a victim who died on the same stretch of road some years ago.”

“Drivers on Route 44 have reported all sorts of interactions with the apparition. Some have picked him up off the side of the road, others have seen him appear in the rearview mirror sitting in the backseat of the car, while another saw him pressed against the car window as he drove. Almost all the stories, however, end the same way: The ghost suddenly disappears, while his loud, maniacal laughter is left lingering in the air.”

Back in 2017, Antique Archaeology, the home of the American Pickers show, tapped Route 44 in Rehoboth as one of the 5 haunted back roads in America that you have to take.

For more on AAA’s list, click here.

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