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Police investigating after Amazon delivery worker reportedly urinates on customer’s package



Photo courtesy of Zach Escolas

A North Kingstown man couldn’t believe what he was seeing on his Ring cam when his Amazon delivery showed up at his home.

Zach Escolas received an order from Amazon on his steps. The man who delivered the order kept going back and forth in the video. At the end of the delivery, the worker goes partially out of view and you can hear what appears to be the employee urinating on the packages.

Escolas couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing.

When Escolas posted it to social media, a local manager issued a comment to Escolas.

“As a manager for Amazon I’d like to deeply apologize for this unacceptable behavior. This is not only unprofessional, but extremely disrespectful. Just want to let you know that this driver will be fired as we find out what 3rd party company he works for. Again sorry for this. As Amazon does not have drivers employed directly with Amazon we use 3rd party companies so we don’t have a say who these companies hire.”

Escolas told Fall River Reporter that Amazon sent a cleaning company out to his home and also sent him a gift card.

North Kingstown Police are investigating the incident.

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