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Passionate Swansea artist paints her world, and those of others, too!



By Bailey Bisson

Linda Laflamme of Swansea, Massachusetts has a gift in drawing and painting. As a retired registered nurse, she has a lot of time to indulge in her artwork. Laflamme volunteers to check the blood pressure levels of members at the Church of the Savior located in Somerset, Massachusetts. She also takes care of clients who require in-home nursing services.

Laflamme has been an artist since she was 20-years-old. “It’s been about 50 years,” she said.

“It just makes me very happy to draw. As a kid, I never had the time, and now I do. It just makes my days full and I have fun sharing it. It takes me to a different place.”

This painting was inspired by Castle Hill in Newport, Rhode Island. Photo by Bailey Bisson.

Laflamme said she tries to spend at least two hours each day on her paintings.

“Marianne works, so I am able to do that. It’s been wonderful, because I’ve really had time to finish the pieces and put the details in.”

Laflamme’s wife, Marianne Alexander, is a Medical Assistant for Dr. Joan Harrison. She enjoys photography and composing musical performances, singing and playing guitar.

Painting of horses at a Maryland beach. Photo by Linda Laflamme.

Laflamme told the Fall River Reporter that her favorite creation was the wild horses she saw in July this past summer. This painting shows the parent horses protecting their baby on the beach in Assateague, Maryland. The piece was sold at the Christmas Fair held at the Church of our Savior in early November.

“I love to share it, I give it as gifts, that kind of thing. I sell my art, but it’s unusual that I do,” said Laflamme.

Some of her work is inspired by her own backyard.

Painting of an Irish welcome sign in Laflamme’s backyard. Photo by Bailey Bisson.

“If I see something that excites me like the horses, I’ll jump out and take a pic. Sunsets make me want to pull my pad out and paint. If I see something beautiful, and it’s going to take me to a different level in my artwork, I take a pic and do it,” she said.

Laflamme enjoys painting views of the places she visits, with many beaches and ocean views.

Ppainting of a Cape Cod ocean view. Photo by Bailey Bisson.

“I thought it was unusual, the footprints in the sand. And the chairs were joined together,” said Laflamme, remembering her visit to Truro, Cape Cod. “I just love to take a picture of something that is pretty out in nature, and take it home to paint it. It makes me happy. It gives me something to look forward to doing.”

Every Wednesday, Laflamme participates in an art class taught by Regina Croce, whose art studio is located in Swansea. “She’s really taken me to a different place with my artwork,” said Laflamme.

Laflamme informed us about an upcoming art exhibit. Local artists will feature their pieces at Gallery X, located at 169 William Street in New Bedford. The exhibit begins Wednesday, Nov. 30, lasting through the rest of the week and into the weekend. Hours for the gallery are 11am to 3pm Wednesday through Friday, and noon to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Reception will be open on Saturday, Dec. 3rd from 5-8pm for this show.

Laflamme revealed the picture preferences of her clients. “They like pictures of animals. They like action, people, landscapes, etc.”

Anyone who wishes to purchase a painting from Laflamme personally can do so by emailing her an image of choice to

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