Old Lightolier building in Fall River’s Industrial Park could finally have a new tenant



One of the City of Fall River’s biggest properties could finally have a new tenant.

In Tuesday’s Committee on Finance meeting while discussing the North River project, Kenneth Fiola, executive vice president of the Bristol County Economic Development Consultants, stated that he had conversations today concerning the purchase of 631 Airport Road, the former Philips Lighting/Lightolier building.

“I did have a confidential conversation with an entity that is looking to purchase it and would be utilizing it for business purposes obviously.”

Fiola went on to say that a significant number of jobs would be created at the facility.

“It is going to be under agreement shortly according to the conversation I had today.”

The 300,000+ square foot building saw tenant Philips Lighting stop production to locate to Monterrey, Mexico in 2018 where 160 employees lost their jobs.

Philips Lighting acquired the Lightolier brand and facility in 2008. The building still employed approximately 55 office workers shortly after the closer.

According to a commercial real estate listing, “the property is under new institutional ownership as of 2021 and is in the middle of a multi-million-dollar transformation to the key building attributes.”

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