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Office of the Child Advocate issues tribute and background on David Almond



Photo courtesy of Office of the Child Advocate

As Autism Awareness Month begins tomorrow, and the Office of the Child Advocate releases a report on David Almond’s death, the organization issued a tribute to David and also gave some insight into the teen who tragically lost his life.

“Let it be known by all that David Almond was a capable, caring, and courageous young man.

“Always smiling, David’s presence was known and felt instantaneously when he entered a room. David had a sense of humor and found joy in making others laugh and joining them in laughter.

“David loved and was loved by his brothers. David was a source of comfort and protection for them. The bond between the triplet brothers was extraordinary. The triplets had their own language to communicate, one individual describing it as their “love language.”

“David loved school. David was described as the “mayor” of his former school. He was a strong reader and was continuing to build confidence and take pride in his developing abilities. A highlight for David and his brothers was when they participated in a school play together.

“David loved cartoons, toys, and videogames. Some of David’s favorites were Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, SpongeBob, and Ninja Turtles. David could recite some SpongeBob episodes by memory.

“David was eager to please, he was earnest, and he was kind.

“David’s impact on those who worked with him and loved him was profound and everlasting.

“His memory lives on far beyond the circumstances surrounding his death.”

Late Tuesday, the OCA issued a report on their findings concerning the death of David and the role that DCF and Fall River schools played.

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