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MSPCA backs bill protecting research animals and a chance for adoption



A bill that is looking to giving both cats and dogs a second chance, after being used in research institutions and for testing, is set to come up at a public hearing this week.

According to the MSPCA, these bills require a research institution or product testing facility that intends to euthanize a dog or cat for any purpose other than scientific, medical or educational research to offer the dog or cat for adoption to an animal shelter or animal rescue organization or through private placement before euthanizing the dog or cat.

The hearing is scheduled for September 10th.

“This provides an opportunity for dogs and cats to live a life in a home as an adopted pet once their time in the research laboratory has come to an end—an opportunity that each of these dogs and cats deserve.”

The MSPCA states that the act sponsored by Senator Bruce Tarr and Representatives Carolyn Dykema and Michelle DuBois does not have any effect on the research. It is intended to offer the cats and dogs the chance to stay alive in an adoptive home.

The MSPCA is looking to have constituents contct their local legislators by clicking here.

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