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Mother asking for prayers after 1-year-old boy diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, man charged



A man has been arrested and a 1-year-old boy is left fighting for his life suffering from a brain injury.

According to details from family and police, on October 9th, Emmalee left her son Odin in her truck with a trusted friend, later identified as 25-year-old Jack Paiva of East Providence, while she ran into Target in Lincoln to get a can of formula. When she returned to the truck, she noticed that Odin’s breathing wasn’t right. She got out of the truck to check on him and realized that he was having a seizure. Emmalee immediately called 911 and Odin was rushed to the hospital.

Family says that the doctors told Emmalee they had gotten Odin into surgery “just in time” because he had a massive blood clot and brain bleed. The diagnosis was a traumatic brain injury.

Paiva was charged with first-degree felony assault, according to WPRI 12. Police say that he struck Odin’s car seat three times with significant force.

Odin has been in critical condition and under heavy sedation since his surgery. According to a fundraiser for Emmalee that has raised over $11,000 as of this writing, Odin is responding to Emmalee’s touch, grabbing on to her hand when she holds his, but he isn’t out of the woods yet.

“They are giving him medication and lots of fluids which is causing his body to swell up quite a bit and they are still unable to reattach the piece of his skull they had to remove to access the clot and bleed. The doctors have given Emmalee the worst-case scenario, her little boy, who has just begun to walk and talk and see things for the first time now has a very difficult and long road ahead of him.”

Emmalee is missing work to be with her son and has to deal with whatever medical expenses are not covered by what her family says is a high deductible medical insurance.

She also asks for prayers for her 1-year-old boy to help in his fight.



  1. Omineg

    October 18, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    Lies . Lies, Lies. This child was injured by the hands of his family. Who are looking for a scape goat to hide what they did .Instead they cowardly ruin the life of an innocent kid?? This entire write up is hearsay . The true story wil be revealed.

    • JusticeForOdin

      October 24, 2022 at 1:28 am

      Lies? This was not done by anyone in the child’s family AND nobody accused Mr. Paiva or even suspected him of anything. He went to the police station, with the mother I might add, knowing he was going there to be interviewed. By the police! During his interview HE confessed to causing harm to this child and detectives then came out and told the mother of the child he had confessed! You are right about one thing though, the truth will 100% come out very soon!

  2. JusticeForOdin

    October 24, 2022 at 1:34 am

    Don’t believe a word that OMINEG is saying. Nobody in the child’s family did this to him. Just as nobody accused or even suspected that Mr. Paiva could have done this. It was Mr. Paiva himself who confessed during an interview at the police station. An interview I may add that he absolutely knew he was going to the police station for and in fact had gone to the station with the mother of the child who was then told by the police that he had just confessed!
    There is no scapegoat here, no cover up. Just a little boy, whose life will be forever changed because of what this man CONFESSED to doing.

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