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Massachusetts sets record for second straight day with 7,635 COVID-19 cases, pass 400,000 cases overall



Massachusetts saw an increase in cases, and active cases in Friday’s COVID-19 report.

Massachusetts has seen 7,635 more positive cases announced today. An increase from Thursday’s report. The 7 day weighted average positive test rate saw a decrease to 7.49%. The rate was 3.3 on November 23rd and 6.68% two weeks ago.

Massachusetts had seen 7,136 more positive cases announced yesterday.

The Massachusetts Department of Health statistics show a rise in total confirmed cases to 400,823 with 76 more reported dead (74 confirmed, 2 probable) for a total of 12,985.

The overall amount of tests administered in Massachusetts is now 11,525,766 after 108,569 new molecular tests.

The 7 day average of COVID-19 deaths is currently 64.

Estimated active cases increased to 87,348.

Hospitalizations have increased in 85 of the last 116 days and 60 of the last 75, but saw a decrease by 75 to see the total lower to 2,311.

Nursing home cases and cluster information issued on January 7th.

Weekly COVID-19 Public Health Report

According to the January 7th report, Fall River has a 112.5 Average Daily Incident Rate per 100,000 (Last 14 days) (102.4 last week). New Bedford saw an increase to 97.9 (was 86.8). Westport is also in the red at 67.4 (was 68.6), Swansea is at 77.5 and was 64.9 last week, and Somerset saw a decrease to 80.6 (was 81.4). Freetown saw their rate decrease as it now sits at 82.9 from 90.0. Dartmouth is currently at 88.2 after seeing 68.5 last week.

Massachusetts residents subject to COVID-19 quarantine by current status up to January 7th
• Total of individuals subject to quarantine: 192,078
• Total of individuals who have completed monitoring (no longer in quarantine): 170,238
• Total of individuals currently undergoing monitoring/under quarantine: 21,840

Massachusetts Officials have now also issued a “vaccine doses administered and shipped” report updated on January 7th.
20210106_Vax Dashboard

As of January 8th, according to the CDC, the United States has seen 21,539,398 cases of COVID-19 with 364,029 reported deaths.

Courtesy of the CDC

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1 Comment

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    January 8, 2021 at 11:12 pm

    And there are still imbeciles calling it a hoax.

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