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Massachusetts doctor assisted suicide bill hits Beacon Hill

Massachusetts doctor assisted suicide bill hits Beacon Hill.



A bill to make doctor assisted suicide legal is going through a public health committee hearing on Beacon Hill on September 26th.

The bill has 44 co-sponsors which gives it a good shot of proceeding further.

Doctor assisted suicide has gotten mixed reviews in the past from both Massachusetts voters and state legislators. In 2012 “Death With Dignity” was defeated by Massachusetts voters 51 percent to 49 percent. A 60,000+ gap in votes. The law was resoundingly turned down by Fall River voters  9,969 with yes votes to 17,070 who voted no.

By  law in Massachusetts, you need to wait five years before the same issue can be put on the ballot. So it now has returned to the Massachusetts legislature.

It is an issue with strong opinions on both sides. Some are against it on religious beliefs alone. Others feel its a person’s right not to suffer. No matter what happens with this bill, it is sure to be an issue that does not go away anytime soon.

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