Massachusetts couple arrested after alleged theft, masked man threatens to kill Walmart employee with knife



A Massachusetts couple has been arrested after an incident at a department store.

According to Plymouth, MA Police, on Tuesday night, Officers responded to Walmart for reports of a man menacing loss prevention personnel with a knife.

Officers spoke with Walmart Loss Prevention who attempted to stop a masked male after stealing expensive gaming monitors and a vacuum.

Loss Prevention stated that after identifying himself, 55-year-old Clifford Teague of Plymouth stated, “You don’t want none of this.” Loss Prevention stated, “It’s not that serious, I just want my stuff back.” Teague replied “F&*$ you, I will stab and kill you, don’t you see what I have in my hand?” The loss prevention agent looked down and saw a knife. The agent retreated and called us.

Clifford ran out of the store, threw the stolen merchandise into a vehicle, and jumped into the passenger seat. The vehicle sped away into the night with its lights off.

Walmart Security was able to get the plate.

Officer Andrew Whelan was able to stop the vehicle on Summer Street, and arrest both Clifford Teague, as well as the driver, identified as his wife, 55-year-old Barbara Teague.

Teague made incriminating statements at the scene, according to police. The stolen merchandise and the knife were recovered from the interior of the vehicle.

A magnetic “fake plate” was affixed to the rear of the vehicle with the real plate on the front of the vehicle.

Both were arrested and charged with Robbery while Armed & Masked, Assault w/a Dangerous Weapon, Shoplifting over $250, and Threats.

Barbara Teague was also charged with a Number Plate Violation to Conceal ID, Having no Inspection Sticker, Possession of Class B (Cocaine), Class B, (Oxycodone), and Class E (Gabapentin).

Clifford Teague was held overnight at the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department on $5000 bail. His accomplice was released after posting a $260 bail.

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