Markey, Warren, respond after Biden projected to be new President of the United States



Comments have begun to come in from the Massachusetts delegation after the announcement that former Vice President Joe Biden has been projected as the new President of the United States.

United States Senator Ed Markey released the following after the announcement by the Associated Press.

“The votes have been counted and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are our next President and Vice President. This is an historic victory for all Americans—for workers, immigrants, women, communities of color, and for everyone who believes in science, equality, justice, and decency. Now is the time for unity, healing, and taking action to address the crises confronting our country and our planet. We will rebuild and emerge stronger under the leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There will surely be hard times to come, but brighter days are ahead.”

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren also took to social media to express her feelings after the announcement.

“The American people made it clear this week: they don’t want a government controlled by billionaires, giant corporations and their armies of lobbyists to favor the rich and powerful and corrupt our government. It’s time to take back our government and make it work for the people. President-elect Biden understands the heavy burden being placed on his shoulders. A band-aid won’t fix this pandemic and economic crisis that are worsening every day. We have a mandate to contain this virus, save lives, and begin rebuilding our economy.”

President Donald Trump has stated that he will be taking legal action regarding the ballot count.

President Trump issued a statement on the election projection earlier today.

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