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Local man performs good deed at Dartmouth restaurant



Photos courtesy of Jared Methia Facebook

Here is a story to restore your faith in humanity.

Jared Methia took to social media to let people know about the kindness that Justin displayed Wednesday night and we can all use more feel good stories.

“Tonight I witnessed Justin Methia display a tremendous act of kindness at the Texas Roadhouse in Dartmouth. We were in our regular conversation with the waitress and she mentioned how her shoes were killing her because they were a size too small. We asked how come? She then explained how she was from North Carolina and the hurricane forced her to evacuate. She worked at a Texas Roadhouse there and the owner at the Dartmouth location was kind enough to give her a few shifts to get by. Justin thought she needed the money more than he did. As were walking out she chases us out the door thanking us practically in tears. This wasn’t for the #Tipthebillchallange it was just because he saw she was in a tough spot and wanted to help. Figured I had to post this because it’s not him to make a big deal over it!”

Great job to Jared!

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