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Letters to the editor: Concerns over Ken Fiola’s roles and city budget



Concerned Citizen,

We the voters are responsible for the apathy and low voter turnout.

During the last election, we voted for “Anyone but Jasiel.” We have truly witnessed how elections have consequences. Given the low standard set by our current administration, it is not surprising that it is run by a network of people pulling strings from behind the curtain.

How is it possible that in less than two years, a surplus turned into a deficit? Additionally, taxes/fees increased, and against wisdom, ARPA funds were misused through questionable decision-making. It is embarrassing the Fire Chief has to go before the CPC to fund repairs to fire stations. Questionable raises during a time of financial uncertainty and reliance on federal money to resolve Fall River’s budget crisis are examples of fiscal irresponsibility.

Internal investigations of the Police Department & School Superintendent are signs of questionable culture and integrity, as well as a complete lack of decisive leadership.

Our leaders have failed in providing a vision for our city’s future. We cannot maintain our current parks and have a new proposal to create another at City Pier? Transformation of these properties is of paramount importance to the economic growth and success of our City.

The Administration has failed the North End by ignoring a Superior Court ruling disallowing SSTAR to build its drug rehabilitation Center. Future generations will have to deal with this gross incompetence.

Riding the coat-tails of the governor during COVID, missing two governor appearances, the Administration was nowhere to be found. However, they managed to attend Hollywood filming on the Battleship. Is this considered Full Time leadership?

If you remember, Bill Belichick had to decide on rookie Mac Jones over veteran Cam Newton. Belichick’s decision came down to planning for the future now instead of waiting to start after Cam.

We are at the crossroads of an enormous decision on November 2.

Fall River, it’s time we start looking to the future now, as we now have an opportunity to start this transformation. One that is safe, one with hope, where education is a primary goal, allowing for a climate in which individuals and small businesses can prosper.

Marc Nathaniel Mollicone

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. david

    October 18, 2021 at 1:33 am

    Ken Fiola is the Prince of the City. Sleepy Paul Coogan kneels not only to BLM but to Kenny Fiola because Coogan knows he is in over his head as Mayor and does not want to cross the Prince.

    Marc Dion is tight with Ken and Dion keeps Ken’s bust-out consulting operation on life support and keeps it alive as the de facto Fall River Redevelopment Authority by feeding Ken that economic development grant money . The official RDA is a weak joke. Back when Fiola’s scam was strong he was able to usurp the FR RDA and function as the de facto redevelopment authority. Right now Ken is all focused on the City pier/waterfront project likely because his wife, State Rep Carole Fiola stuffed a big fat consulting fee payable to Ken’s consulting frim into the bill funding the route 79 project.

    The water front project is a non starter. The location is lousy and it will never take off even if you dumped 100 million into it. But who cares? a junkie just OD’ed in Fall River and some more money needs to be spent and a Parade needs to be held on ‘addiction’

    I do think crafty but arrogant Cliff Ponte will be better able to stand up to Ken Fiola if Ponte is elected Mayor.

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