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Lawmakers to bring impeachment articles as early as Monday, ask DOD to check Trump’s nuke authority



Today, Democratic Congressman Ted W. Lieu, along with Reps. Salud Carbajal and Jimmy Panetta, urged the Department of Defense Acting Secretary to take measures to prevent the President from misusing or abusing his nuclear strike authority in the final days of his presidency.

In a letter to the DOD, the lawmakers stated their concern that President Trump “knows no bounds and that he does not respect the law or Constitution”, leading them to worry that Trump could initiate military action before he leaves office.

“In the coming days, as Trump’s options for remaining in the White House all but disappear, there is a real danger that the President could turn to military action at home or abroad. We are well-aware that in ordinary times, your role is to execute the President’s orders. Unfortunately, we do not live in ordinary times. We believe that critical moments, like that we face today, require us to think of every possible avenue to avert disaster. We therefore ask you to implement additional measures to ensure adequate checks are placed on the President’s nuclear authority at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Lieu also stated today that Articles of Impeachment drafted by himself, Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline, and Rep. Jaime Raskin of Maryland has over 150 cosponsors as of this afternoon.

“President Trump incited a mob to attack Congress to stop the acceptance of Electoral College results. The coup attempt resulted in multiple deaths. Doing nothing is not an option.”

Lawmakers have asked President Trump to resign or to have Vice President Mike Pence institute the 25th Amendment. If that does not happen, impeachment proceedings could begin as early as Monday.


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