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Kitten in Fall River rescued twice within hours, once by a bystander, again by Fall River Fire



A Fall River kitten had a wild day on Wednesday. Not only being rescued once, but twice. The second of which was somewhat unusual.

Taleha was driving her son to school when she saw a kitten almost get hit by a car. Seeing this, she came to the rescue of the kitten to avoid a possible tragedy.

“I grabbed her and put her in the car and she jumped around because she was so scared.”

She jumped around so much that she ended up stuck inside the ducts between the glovebox and steering wheel.

Taleha tried to go to a few auto mechanics hoping one of them could rescue the kitten.

“I went to two mechanics in the area and they couldn’t help. They said to wait until she came out.”

Taleha then had an idea. Try the Fall River Fire Department.

“I drove by the station and decided to ask.”

Sure enough, Lieutenant Tim DaLuz and firefighter Stephanie Macedo, who were on duty at the Bedford Street Station, greeted her and were able to take apart a section of the inside of the vehicle to retrieve the cute little kitten for Taleha.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Firehouse #2 on Bedford Street (“Mighty 2”) for rescuing this little lady that was trapped in my car duct.”

Once the kitten was rescued, everyone had a good laugh about the whole situation.

Taleha decided to keep the kitten and named her Mighty.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tom McDonald

    June 5, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    It is nice to hear a good story for a change. People need to show a lot more respect for the Public Servents like the Fire and Police Departments that are always there to help but hardly get recognized for good deeds. ThankYou all for your service and God bless!

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