Kingston man accused of attempting to kill dog with fentanyl before stabbing him to death



A dog is dead, and a Massachusetts man is being held in his death.

According to Detective Lieutenant Michael Skowyra, shortly after 1:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the Kingston Police responded to “The Point at Kingston” located at 1 Kingston Collection Way (previously known as the Alexan Apartments) for a reported disturbance. A third-party 911 caller reported hearing what sounded like shuffling, crying, yelling, a dog whining and a statement similar to “don’t touch me!”, followed by complete silence.

Upon arrival of officers, an investigation ensued. It is alleged that a suspect killed his dog in a cruel and inhumane manner. The deceased dog is identified as an approximately 60-pound Bull-Terrier mix named Brutus. The suspect, who is well known to law enforcement in the region, was arrested.

The suspect was reportedly unsuccessful in finding anyone who would take Brutus or euthanize him (due to the dog being healthy). As a result, the suspect reportedly obtained fentanyl Tuesday night and then is alleged to have attempted to poison Brutus with the fentanyl Wednesday afternoon. After this was unsuccessful in killing the animal, the suspect reportedly stabbed Brutus to death before leaving the apartment.

While police were within the apartment, the suspect returned and was taken into custody.

Patrol Officers, Detectives and Plymouth County BCI spoke with multiple individuals in the apartment and collected various evidence consistent with the reports. This evidence included locating the deceased dog with wounds consistent with the report, fresh blood and a set of bent grill prongs suspected to be the weapon utilized to stab Brutus. Also located on the suspect was a cigarette pack containing an off-white powdery residue (suspected fentanyl) as well as a red-brown stain around the suspect’s fingernail which was consistent with blood.

The MSPCA and other agencies have been contacted for assistance and are working with detectives to obtain the proper legal process authorizing a necropsy, toxicology and other investigatory steps. The hideous nature of this case has the undivided attention of the assigned investigators, according to police. The investigation will remain on-going to collect all relevant evidence in conjunction with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office.

The suspect is identified as Jonathan Paluzzi, 44, of Kingston. Paluzzi was held in custody on an unspecified significant bail amount, and is anticipated to be arraigned Thursday at Plymouth District Court on multiple counts of Animal Cruelty (felony) as well as the Possession of a Class A Drug (suspected fentanyl).

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