Jungleland movie acquired by Paramount Pictures



Photo courtesy of TIFF

The movie that swept the Fall River area by storm in 2018 has finally found a home.

According to Deadline, Paramount Pictures has acquired the TV and home entertainment licensing rights to Jungleland in addition to two other films; Dreamland starring Margot Robbie, and the movie Gully.

Deadline stated that Vertical Entertainment will be releasing the movies to theaters along with handling their release to home entertainment.

Since its critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of 2019, multiple distributors had been fighting over the rights to distribute Jungleland. The COVID-19 pandemic had quieted any news on the film’s potential release until today.

In the summer and spring of 2018, Fall River, in particular females, had Charlie Hunnam fever as he and Jack O’Connell shot various scenes across Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, and other locations.

In September of 2019, the TIFF gave insight into the 90-minute film directed by Max Winkler.

“Stanley (Charlie Hunnam) manages his boxer brother Lion (Jack O’Connell) but when a devastating loss in the ring leaves the pair in debt, an opportunity to recoup the cash leads to a series of misadventures that threaten to break the bond between them.”

“Ever-loyal Stanley (Charlie Hunnam) takes great pride in managing Lion (Jack O’Connell), his bare knuckle–boxer brother, but when a devastating loss in the ring leaves the pair deep in debt with Pepper (Jonathan Majors), he gives them an opportunity to recoup by taking on one last fight. The catch is that the bout is across the country in San Francisco and they are required to take an unwanted companion along — a young woman named Sky (Jessica Barden). At first, Sky is nothing more than cargo to the brothers until she sparks a connection with Lion, causing his growing reluctance to box to become harder to hide. After she makes an escape attempt, they discover that her intended destination will put her in the hands of an abusive criminal who sees her as his possession. Stanley and Lion have to decide whether to risk their lives to help her, or to keep their eyes on the prize — and this starts to break down the bond between them.”

“Putting a fresh spin on the road movie, filmmaker Max Winkler subverts the notion of the American dream in this tale of underclass siblings whose only wish is to get by without losing it all. Jungleland is not your typical boxing story, depicting the sport merely as a means to an end for its characters — resilient outsiders whose grit, heart, and fighting spirit are embodied perfectly by Hunnam and O’Connell. In a society that has you pinned to the floor, your only freedom is in the choice to stay down for the count, or get back up and take the punches.”

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