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Family: Suspect turns himself in after pet dog killed in Fall River hit and run



A Fall River family is heartbroken after their pet dog was killed Sunday.

David Gendreau took to social media hoping the public can find the person responsible.

“To the heartless individual driving the red pickup truck way above the speed limit around 9am this morning on Meridian Street that hit, and killed my dog, Rosie, right in front of both my parents, I hope your conscience keeps you up at night tossing and turning knowing what you’ve done.

“All you needed to do was stop and apologize but you couldn’t do that because you were going so fast. With the speed you were traveling Rosie didn’t have a chance and she luckily died on impact.

“A simple apology that you couldn’t face has now turned into misdemeanor hit and run and hopefully we find you!!!

“Anybody know who was driving a red pickup on Meridian Street around 9am this morning, Sunday April 3, 2022, maybe with blood and damage to the front of the truck, or freshly washed with front damage??????

“Rosie you were a barrel of fun for the year we had you. Sadly, at only a year and a half your gone way too soon. R.I.P. Rosie.”

Gendreau later confirmed that the man who hit and killed his dog, turned himself in to Fall River Police and later knocked on his door to apologize in person. Gendreau stated that an apology is all that he was looking for and that accidents happen.

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