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Family and friends remember Fall River man killed in Tiverton crash



Family and friends are dealing with the sudden loss of a Fall River man killed in a serious crash.

35-year-old Jonathan Gosselin, of Fall River was killed Wednesday in a one car crash in Tiverton.

Those who knew Gosselin are coming to grips with the tragedy and remembering the man that they loved.

Affectionately known as “Goose”, Gosselin was an avid sports fan, according to those who knew him. Goose was also known to have a pretty good sense of humor and support his friends and family.

Ricky Tith, owner of Hong Meas Restaurant and who is running for Fall River City Council, remembers a man who was really there for him.

“I met Jonathan through Facebook and he had been supportive during my campaign for City Council and my business as well so we became good friends.”

Tith stated that Gosselin gave off positivity and would constantly put those close to him ahead of himself.

“He was the type of guy that would bring good vibes to his surroundings and would put his friends and family first. His sense of humor rocked! He liked to make people laugh.”

Gosselin leaves behind a wife Erica along with many friends and family.



  1. widebodywill

    May 27, 2021 at 5:36 pm

    Love you Goosie. We had many great memories together. I remember taking you to Cali & surprising you with a trip to Vegas. We told you we were going out on a fishing trip and you woke up from a nap in the middle of the Nevada desert. The jig was up, couldn’t fool ya! Even with the surprise ruined you were ecstatic and extremely grateful, beaming the whole time! I’ll never forget you bud, and a i’ll always cherish our memories. You were one of a kind and a great person!

  2. Nancy Sullivan

    May 28, 2021 at 8:13 pm

    Jonathan is my son, my first born, my handsome young man.. To those of you who knew him, loved him and to those of you who didn’t know him it’s unfortunate. Jonathan was not only a great, amazing son he was a man with a heart bigger than anyone I knew. Jonathan would help anyone with anything no questioned asked.. he touched so many people. Jonathan had a personality that you couldn’t help but love and a grin that couldn’t help but make you smile.. and his sense of humor well let’s just say you couldn’t help but laugh.. Jonathan loved his sports that’s for sure and I must say, he had quite a competitive side.. again the ones who knew him know what I mean. Almost three years ago Jonathan married the love of his life, his best friend. The girl who completed him..he loved her so very much. He was so proud of his wife Erica..There are so many reason why he is gone to soon, he has not been with us long enough. I am so proud of my son and so proud of the man that he had grown to become. I see so many people saying so many nice things about him and that makes me even more proud. My heart is breaking so very much but I am not the only person that is losing someone they love. Yes I am losing my son, Erica is losing her husband, his brothers are losing a brother but so many people are losing an amazing friend. One thing I know and can clearly see is Jonathan was/is so loved and admired..thank you all for whatever roll you played in his life but most of all thank you for loving him. I will forever miss you my handsome son you will forever be in my heart. Until we meet again RIP.. I love you always

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