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Fall River’s “Forever Paws” asking for public’s help with “Pip” who was found in horrific condition



“*Warning! Graphic* We are asking for your help!

This dog was brought into Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River Mass. It is in need of emergency leg amputation. It is being pursued as a cruelty case so we are releasing limited information.

If you have any questions please contact me. If you can share to help bring awareness and help us raise funds that would be amazing.

Forever Paws photo.

“Pip” is in desperate need of your help. This poor guy was brought to us in absolutely horrific condition. His matting was so bad that he had maggots living in his fur, one of his eyes was matted closed, and when the vet was finally able to complete the matt removal, his leg was so damaged, you could strait to his bone and tissue. He is in need of emergency amputation, which is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow. He is currently safe, and being treated at one of our local animal hospitals who we are so grateful they agreed to take him on.

Pip deserves a chance at a happy, normal life where he can live with a family who will take care of him, teach him to run and play on three legs, and who will accept him how he is.

Please help us give that to him. No amount is too small. If you can’t donate, that’s ok-please share this post.

Forever Paws photo.

Ways to donate:

1) click:
2) scan the QR code at bottom of page
3) Venmo us @ForeverPaws-AnimalShelter
4) Call and make a credit card payment via phone
5) PayPal
6) Drop in to see us
7) Or send a check

Any and all donations are so very much appreciated. Please share Pip’s story and help us help him!

Forever Paws photo.
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