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Fall River Public Libary hosting several activities



The Fall River Public Library have several activities coming up.

Drop-in Dungeons & Dragons – South Branch
Fall River Public Library – South

AUG 10 Fri 2 PM
AUG 17 Fri 2 PM

Gather ’round the table and share deeds of derring-do with a group of fellow adventurers! Join a band of brave and stalwart companions for a journey into the darkest depths of a mysterious ruin, or explore the wilds in search of treasure, lore, and glory! Each week will feature a stand-alone adventure for up to five players, on a first-come, first-seated basis. Dice, rulebooks, and a variety of pre-generated characters will be available for you to use, giving you the opportunity to learn the rules and check out different roles in this role-playing game. A brief question-and-answer session will follow each adventure. Patrons 12+ are invited to play!

Library Book Club Hosts Local Author for Book Discussion

Local author Holly Fitzgerald will be the special guest this month as the Fall River Public Library Book Club meets Wednesday, August 15 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss Fitzgerald’s memoir, Ruthless River: Love and Survival by Raft on the Amazon’s Relentless Madre de Dios.

Fall River Public Library Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month to discuss a book members have chosen ahead of time. The group’s monthly book picks range from classics to current bestsellers, from dystopian fiction to true crime, and from mystery to history. August’s book selection is an exciting true-life survival story penned by Holly Fitzgerald, a Dartmouth resident and intrepid traveler. Ruthless River tells the story of a honeymoon trip Fitzgerald and her husband took to explore the Amazon region of South America, and how a detour nearly lost them their lives.

After a plane crash left them stranded in a penal colony in the jungles of Peru, the Fitzgeralds decided to continue their journey on a raft built out of four logs. This is only the beginning of a perilous journey through jungle waters teeming with piranha, caiman, and other dangers. As they face stifling heat, violent rainstorms, biting insects, and starvation, what began as an adventure turns into a struggle for survival, with only each other to turn to.

Author Holly Fitzgerald will be joining the book group for this evening’s meeting and will answer questions following the discussion. New members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to read the book and come prepared with a question for the author.

For more information, call 508-324-2700, ext. 110.

Library Launches Podcast Series

When you think of libraries, you expect to find books—but how about podcasts?

Fall River Public Library has branched out into this popular form of DIY media, offering podcasts that you can listen to from a link on the library’s web site,

Podcasts, for those who may not be familiar with this new medium, are digital audio recordings made available online to be played on a computer, tablet, phone, or MP3 player. They typically include content other than music (although some have music, too) and can feature interviews, discussions of current events or pop culture, reviews, stories, how-to, news, and more. Like YouTube videos, many podcasts are made by independent creators: you don’t need expensive equipment or mad technical skills to create an interesting podcast!

Fall River Public Library currently hosts two podcast series: a Guided Meditation series created by library reference assistant David Raymondo, who also hosts the library’s popular Zen Zone, a monthly meetup featuring yoga, Reiki, meditation, and other topics. These meditations are just the right length to help you relax and take a break from stress. We also have a Pop Culture podcast, with reviews and news about comics, movies, and other media.

For more information, visit

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