Fall River Police Department offering Autism and Special Needs Child I.D. Program



Photo courtesy of Fall River Police

The FRPD is offering parents and guardians the option of providing law enforcement information about your child/dependent for the purposes of safety, identification, and medical treatment.

This information is completely voluntary and would allow first responders access to specific information about your child/dependent as follows:

• Method of communication (verbal or non-verbal)
• Any identification worn
• Sensory / Medical / Dietary issues
• Inclination for wandering and attractions
• Likes, dislikes, and methods of approach when encountering
• Medical care providers info.
• Physical description
• Recent photograph of child/dependent
• Emergency contact information

This program will allow responding officers to have access to specific information about your child/dependent, which will allow for an overall improved and tailored response by law enforcement for your child/dependent if the need arises.

The full signup form and packet can be downloaded here:
• As parent or guardian, please ensure you sign the form.
• Bring the form and a high-resolution photo of your child/dependent to the Fall River Police Dept., located at 685 Pleasant Street.
• Completed forms and documents should be submitted to the front window officer.

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